TPF Group

Pipeline Installation, Maintenance and Decommissioning

TPF Group supplies a large range of piping for pipeline installation. We are able to measure and quote to install the pipeline, including the cost of materials. Once the quote has been presented, we are equipped to fully install the pipeline with all the pipes, fittings, valves, actuation and flow control required. Compared to other materials, using plastic piping in the mining industry also has the advantage of reducing costs due to its ease of manufacture, and lowering the risk of fractures and corrosion.

We recommend regular maintenance to ensure the optimum performance of the pipelines. Pipeline maintenance may include pressure testing, ensuring that the valves are functioning correctly, as well as inspecting the pipework for damage. We supply a detailed report, including any issues encountered and can then quote to replace or repair. This maintenance work can typically be carried out onsite, and once given the go ahead, our team will quickly source the necessary parts to make the repairs.

Our ability to create infrastructure comes from years of experience. Major infrastructure projects including groundwork, stormwater, utilities installation and sewerage can be undertaken by our team of experts.

See the full copy on the TPF Group website.

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