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The Easiest Summer Salads

Whatever the season, creating an easy, stunning salad is the perfect way to bring people together around your dining room table. A great salad, is one that is quick to create, and is filled with delicious ingredients that you can find without a hassle at your local supermarket. If you’re stuck for time or ideas, these three simple steps will help you become an expert in a matter of minutes.

Fresh, refreshing salad ideas

Salad doesn’t have to be boring, especially given the variety of vegetables and fruits on offer at local supermarkets. The first step is to decide what kind you want to make, knowing what’s in season and what ingredients you have on hand. Ideas include roasting vegetables and fruits to caramelise flavours, combining juicy textures—like melons, mandarin and cucumbers—or using thinly sliced, raw vegetables to create a spread of colour. Think outside the box to create your own unique combinations to provide an exciting base for the next step: fusing them all together.

Adding flavour and texture with cheese

The easiest way to add a little something extra to salad is using high quality soft cheese crumbled over the top to provide complementary flavours. Soft cheese adds a beautiful textural contrast between the bite of greens or the warmth of roasted fruits. It’s also a great way to minimise how much dressing you need at the end.

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