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The Difference Between Casual and Temporary Staff

The difference between hiring casual employees or temporary staff can mean the difference between immediate relief and drowning in even more paperwork.

The temp industry is expected to rise and it’s predicted hospitality, events, business administration, and promotional marketing will increase 6% by 2018.

That’s great news for our Sidekicks!

Both temporary and casual staff in the hospitality, events and promotional marketing industry often come from similar backgrounds. Most are young travellers, students, freelancers or recent graduates and the flexibility of this work suits them well.

Simply put, casual employees are employed by you and temporary workers are employed by a staffing provider.

Casual staff, like temporary workers, are paid hourly and don’t earn anything when they are on holiday. However, hiring casual staff means taking on the time-consuming process of advertising the job, screening, and interviewing applicants. You will also have to set up payroll, withholding tax, and insurance.

Read the full blog on the Sidekicker website.

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