Content refresh

Tight deadlines, checking the policy and legislation with the internal department, Agile working, generating web-ready content to the brand required standards for voice, style & tone


In preparation for the roll out of a new digital photo card, the marketing team at Transport for NSW requested an update to all pages mentioning photo cards.


With a one week turnaround and in the middle of an ongoing Agile content sprint, I managed the research and rewrite of 13 content pages. Each page needed to pass a legislation check with the policy department as well align to a refreshed tone of voice.

After the pages were checked by Policy, I worked with the Publishing team to get the pages live in time for the app to be launched.


The new pages were successfully launched and included a page restructure to help guide users through the content.

Moving from a one page, 1600 word document to a clear break down of topics and top questions from SEO and Google searches made the new pages a hit with our customers.