Stakeholder management

Information architecture, identifying content gaps, convincing people unfamiliar with usability about the benefits


Convincing Aqualink Leisure Centre stakeholders to bring together two separate websites into one cohesive digital identity.


The first action was to help the managers and day-to-day staff understand why changing their information architecture would help customers navigate the website.

After this I began identifying content duplication from both websites, bringing together the shared information and facilities. An additional challenge was the launch of the new online booking system. Though it was due to go live at the same time, the date changed at the last minute. This meant all content needed to still make sense regardless of whether the system was in action.

I also created brief for the photographer to take new photos of the facilities that would inspire users to visit the gym, pools and indoor courts.


By doing an in-person card sort for the information architecture, we were able to demonstrate to the team (managers and shift workers) the power of grouping the site using common themes and topics. Each group came up with their own hierarchy, and by documenting what they came up with, we were able to find common themes and use the insights to create a structure they were proud of and felt invested in.