Content design

Content design, content hierarchy, tone of voice, user research, using metrics and user feedback to define/refine content


With a high bounce rate on this page, I needed to understand what was causing people to leave the page without finishing their journey on the Transport for NSW website.


Using tools like Hotjar, Google Analytics and SEMrush, I began to uncover the top questions and keywords for this topic.

Through my research I realised that this page had a misleading title and was causing ineligible people to click through into the content.

I also wanted to remove the Frequently Asked Questions accordions on related pages, to prevent doubling up of content across the site.


With a change of title and a restructuring of the content, the true audience of the page was revealed. The purpose of the page now is to put a spotlight on all the concessions and benefits pension card holders can get in NSW.

I also removed the reference to “automatic registration renewal” and brought the eligibility criteria higher up the page to help users quickly decide if the information applied to them.

Within a week of the page being updated, we had a drop of 30% in the bounce rate.