Hi. I’m Jo Elise, a copywriter who takes complex ideas and turns them into a clear on brand message.

In June 2016, I invited an established copywriter out for coffee to ask, “What does a copywriter actually do?”

Growing up, the kids next door and I spent spent hours working on a neighbourhood newspaper in their basement. Writing was a big part of my life already, but after graduating with a music degree I wanted to know if I could turn my writing into something that could help people in a tangible way.

Four years and two countries later, I’ve collaborated with marketing and UX teams to write streamlined content for the web.

As web accessibility and mobile browsing become a higher priority for residents, multiple websites across Australia are in need of an upgrade. Many of my projects in the past two years have been with local and state governments.

By providing content expertise and collaborating with marketing and digital producers, I’ve been part of the team that brings essential community services to life.

I love easy to follow steps, clear copy and excellent design. And I’m staunchly anti-jargon and pro-puns.

So whether you’re a cheesemaker, a transport leader or a web developer, let’s work together to make websites easier to use.