One day the answer will be yes

No vs Yes.

I don’t know about you, but when an idea or a plan doesn’t work out it can be hard to believe it’s worth trying again.

Call it a knock back, a problem, a mountain or a hill of moles armed with toothpicks: rejection sucks.

I think that to be produce or best creative work, or to do well in life, we need to be resilient to rejection.

This week I’ve been swinging between a sense of possibility and the feeling of ‘what’s the point?’, and there are two thoughts that have helped me find momentum and energy again.

One is that rejection is not personal. It probably feels personal (let’s be real, it always feels personal), but 98% of the time the reason for rejection is based on someone else’s goals and values.

Rejection doesn’t lessen the value of who you are and what you do, it actually allows you to move forward and find a person or a job or an opportunity that aligns better with who you are.

The second thought is that persistence pays off. On my wall I have a postcard covered in black ‘Nos’ and in the middle is one red ‘Yes’.

That’s all you need. One yes, one open door, one connection and the next step will flow.

So this week if you’re finding it hard to keep going, just remember that one day the answer will be yes.

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