Sharing what you love

Ollie Kendall talking to Joel & Dan about creativity

It was one of those moments you forget how much you crave.

Amidst the constant smoke over Melbourne (I’ve never wanted it to rain so bad) and in the company of many delicious cups of coffee, a friend and I talked about bushfires and family and the year’s beginning.

I was struck about the synergy that comes from talking talking to people who get where you’re coming from.

We don’t think the same things or agree on everything, but there’s a mutual love and understanding underpinning conversations and experiences.

Another good friend, Jenny, is an inspiration to me. She wrote this on her blog: “People have been able to encourage me and enjoy my work because I have actually shown it to them.” 

It’s like when you’re in primary school and it’s show and tell time…

“…there’s something so powerful about people you love sharing a love of something with you.”
– Ollie Kendall

They love what you’ve made, because they love you. 

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