say yes to something new

Image from Bandcamp

“And when I see people coming here from overseas who just do what they already know, you get stuck doing only one thing. You learn by saying I’m going to try this thing I don’t know.”

~Jalene, Chapter 1, Middlevale High

Since getting back from holiday, my eyes have been reopened to a sense of possibility.

Being on holiday was a brain bender and head clearer, but what I noticed most – other than the pretty buildings of London and how sunshine really does improve any city – was how great it felt to try new experiences and meet new people.

I landed back with twenty four hours to get over my jetlag and maybe this was the fuel for spontaneously booking a coffee roastery tour and a dance workshop for my first week back in Melbourne .

“Disrupt yourself.”

This week I’m saying yes to: putting my hand up to share at a storytelling night, beginning a collaborative music project (with someone I met last week at the dance workshop!) and taking a tour to see three potential opportunities for the new year.

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