taking a breather

I overheard someone talking about having a “sea change”, meaning they were going to move to a house by the ocean for a while.

Though I’m not living by the sea, I have moved to a house closer to nature. The air is cleaner, the streets are tree lined, and the magpies warble at four in the morning outside my window.

This year has felt like a tsunami wave of change but I’m beginning to see dry land again. New mountains to climb, firm ground to build on and a cluster of people I love gathering in the distance.

In the coming months I’ll be more consistent with this blog writing (by which I mean I’m gonna schedule this shit in my calendar and get it done), but first: a holiday! I’m off for a break and some fun adventures before I dive right into the next chapter of creative work and life and day job. ‘Til then,

Jo Elise

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