Creating a daily loop

Since buying my first laptop nearly ten years ago, I’ve been obsessed with making tracks on Garageband and Logic.

I’ve always found it hard to finish songs or release them but I really want to finally get some songs onto Spotify!

In an attempt to get serious about finishing the singles I have sitting half-done on my hard drive, I googled how to produce and finish tracks. Most of what came up was super unhelpful but then I discovered Pheek and his blog about non-linear music production.

He encourages people to create a loop everyday for more than a week, and even though I was a bit skeptical about it working, three days in I’m totally hooked.

With only four bars to fill and the opportunity to play with sounds without pressure, I’ve created a whole bunch of mini tracks that I really love and I’m already learning so much.

Listen to my track “you don’t mind but I do” to hear what I recorded tonight (while reheating dinner no less).

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