Drawing with thick black lines and colour

An illustration from Marie Neurath’s book ‘Seashore’

There is something about block colours and clean lines that fires up my brain like nothing else.

This afternoon I read an article about Marie Neurath’s incredible books for children. Easy to read, clear diagrams about science made in collaboration with a team of writers, illustrators and researchers.

The bold reds and use of lines reminded me of two other illustrators I love: Al Hirschfeld and Steven Guarnaccia.

Al Hirschfeld

My obsession with black lines began in high school when I first discovered Sharpies and calligraphy pens. Playing around with ink, filling in the lines with watercolours or felt tips and writing in thick black chunky letters became my modus operandi.

Steven Guarnaccia

It’s inspired me to draw again and I’ve been sketching houses I like from my walk to work.

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