Get off your ass

I wrote on a piece of paper yesterday: create.


Don’t do admin, don’t reshuffle excel columns, don’t alphabetise the charts: create.

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Youtube – all of these are just ways to share something you’ve made. But if I never make anything, if all I do is consume and use and watch what other people have made, is it any wonder I wake up in the morning wondering what I’m doing with my life.

Routine surprises this week:

  • Police on bikes in the inner city!
  • Pre-poop toilet spray called “V.I.Poo”. Not surprisingly it was reduced to clear.
  • A giant fake bread keyring. I’m talking a literal fake slice of white bread on a keyring. I was so tempted to buy it because anyone who knows me knows I love bread.
  • I was also surprised by how many Ariana Grande songs I know – about half of her essential playlist on Apple Music apparently!

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