The element of surprise

Illustration by Youline Dessine

“I wanted to surprise my wife with a routine dance.” 

One of my workplaces has a hall regularly hired out for dance classes, Zumba sessions and, as overheard last week, surprise routine dances.

Functioning as a human being requires at least some routine – we generally need to eat, sleep and hydrate ourselves around the same times each day – and our work revolves around a week with a set amount of hours and days.

At some point though, the routine can turn into auto-pilot and details and surprises get lost in the glazed eye commute or the quick march through supermarket aisles.

This week I was surprised to find:

  • Mint Tim Tams taste exactly like a Mint Slice (both Australian brands of biscuit). I don’t know why I expected a mint and chocolate combination to taste different, but I did.
  • The most compassionate people are the ones who have “boundaries of steel”, heard in a podcast where Russell Brand was talking with Brené Brown.
  • Mario Kart is addictively fun. I’d never played it before and after a few rounds at a friend’s house on Sunday afternoon, I’m hooked!

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