Nutrients for lemon trees and humans

There’s a plant nursery five minutes walk from where I live and I’m slowly becoming a regular.

I bought a fern here (still alive – just) and now that I’m looking after a friend’s lemon tree, I visited to find out why the tree’s leaves have all turned yellow.

I learned that plants need nutrients to grow and these nutrients usually have to be added to potted soil. And nutrient rich soil is what creates flavoursome food. Who knew?!

The yellow leaves are most likely a nutrient deficiency, so I bought a bag of fertiliser and we’ll see if the lemon tree turns green again.

I’m also growing herbs, basil and flowers. My favourite method of growing things is to throw seeds into soil and see what happens. It’s probably a less successful method but it’s way more fun.

The nutrients I’ve been feeding my plants, both indoor and outdoor, had me thinking about what kind of nutrients I need as a human and as an artist.

If nutrients equal flavour, then what makes a tasty human?

The things that add nutrients to my life include eating spicy food, reading books about things I don’t know, experiencing events or art that inspire awe or wonder, wearing colour, cutting out pictures from old magazines, walking through bushland, and taking in the 360° view of the sunset from a hill in my local park.

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